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The new numbers are in...

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013 by Holy at

Exit: Damage Control

It’s new release announcement time for a change. SomEx to be exact. And this one is a doozy (you can tell because the third number rolled over on the odometer.) A lot has changed and very little has changed:

Most notably most of the number based extensions can now be expressed as a mathematical equation. There are new video game like “damage” extensions. The monster bites you, you suffer damage, but what exactly does that mean you say? Well with a bit of high school math you get to say!!

Speaking of monsters by the way. As it so happens Sword of Moonlight comes with some show stopping software bugs in its damage dept. In addition to tailored damage, these bugs are dealt with by a new damage calculus.

But wait! I did say, “a lot has changed,” come to think of it. This release totally overhauls SomEx. But for the end-user “very little has changed.” But rest assured this is a big — and mission critical — deal and the source code available for download has been updated to reflect this development.

Oh. There is one last thing. From here on out som_rt.exe has been snubbed in favor of som_db.exe. This way extensions that work like a ye ol’ Game Genie can standardize around a single binary image that should expedite new releases and simplify source code and documentation.

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