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Take the Controls.

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013 by Holy at

Exit: May I

This month (ceremoniously April — even though May is only minutes away UTC) celebrates the release of SomEx.dll version!! There will be patches throughout May for sure. No thanks to a desire to rush things out the door in time for an April deadline slash blogpost.

In case you are wondering what happened to To avoid confusion releases are going to be even numbered from now on. So that the demos that precede them will be odd. The intention is not to be less confusing in terms of publishing, just less so if you need to know what version you are running. Especially when upgrading a demo.

This release follows up on its predecessor. Analog is coming into its own and some new control mechanics can be played with for the very first time: including jumping, climbing, and crouching. Goals got set aside to squash a new bug: activating events around box shaped elements. And time got sunk into default equipment: so the onscreen gauges are able to complement extended game play.

It also introduces a number of breaking changes. As usual there are detailed instructions for authors posted within the forum and comments.

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