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Exit: July, 2011 Archive

or: How I Decided to Eschew the Gonzo

Thursday, July 28th, 2011 by Holy at

Exit: Sword of Moonlight 2.o

For my July blog post, throughout August, i.e. this post, for clarity I am suspending the so far short-form gonzo format, on behalf of current and potential users of Sword of Moonlight, in order to better explain how it is that the days of Sword of Moonlight as a substandard product are technically behind us and will be effectively drawing to an end within a matter of months.

I have labored throughout July in order to fill out the website as well as I was able. Writing things is not my first love, or strongest suit, so please bear with me. Within the website’s new pages you will learn that the state of the art for Sword of Moonlight is basically a two part deal at this point. On one hand Ex is needed to remedy the many maladies Sword of Moonlight is afflicted with, and on the other, the data files that accompany Ex are so far identical to what From Software left Sword of Moonlight – which everyone well knows are pretty much inadequate.

Therefore, if you are ready to get on board with progress, you will be effectively installing two separate sets of Sword of Moonlight files. Unfortunately this site cannot currently help you out with the first set, which should include the data files you intend to use with your final setup. The second install will include Ex. There are now instructions in the site, in the Ex / Getting Started pages. Once Ex is installed, you can make it the go to install for your Windows user account by running the install scripts that come with Ex. Then you can configure Ex to look in the data folder of the first install.

If you’ve done everything correctly, all of the problems with Sword of Moonlight that you are accustomed to, or have heard of, and many which you are probably unaware of will magically be gone. And once your problems are all gone, you can start thinking about the many different, and ever expanding, ways to extend Sword of Moonlight that are offered by Ex.

Finally, I realize this post is inadequate. If you have questions, by all means leave a response or use the Forum Discussion link below. Rest assured your questions will be addressed.

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