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Holy matrimony, Batman!

Monday, June 20th, 2011 by Holy at

Exit: Moonlight - Vista

While many were expecting a May December affair guests were invited to enjoy a traditional June wedding. Everyone who’s anyone was in attendance.

Sword of Moonlight debuted in Japan a decade ago only to travel abroad nearly a decade later. Sword credited its international following when asked about its much overdue recognition, saying, “the future is in their hands.”

Microsoft Vista needs no introduction. With fans few and far between its family’s influence remains ubiquitous. Time was all that stood between the star crossed lovers as they walked down the aisle that fateful day.

Despite both being longtime residents of the metro area, the couple traveled out of state in order to tie the knot; as software-software marriage is not recognized in 43 states of the union.

Asked who will wear the pants in their home, Microsoft deferred to Sword. Sword had no comment.

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