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Exit: May, 2011 Archive

The final days (of May) are upon us.

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011 by Holy at

Exit: Long may it rain

Today in a special report we take a look back at some of our predictions for May.

They said KFMT Doppler radar had gone too far! Record tornadoes, Biblical floods, subtropical humidity, the foretold rising of the Magicicada harbingering a host of catastrophes no doubt culminating in the end of days…

Between showers a homeless man photographed a giant sword in the sky.
Our experts assure us in fact what he glimpsed was a play of moonlight. A mere optical illusion.
A new automatic update system was devised for Sword of Moonlight software.
The ambitious project has been dubbed “Somversion” or SOM for short.
When asked what its plans are for the future. It said, “[it] would like to be more like a Subversion client, but with more Sword of Moonlight, and even more subversive.”
For the manual labor inclined, or just bicurious; the Somversion suite (
Opensource Sword of Moonlight code has a new home (
Sword of Moonlight gets a Software Development Kit (
At long last, Start.bat is Vista (7/future diabolical schemes hatched by Microsoft) friendly.
Student movements threaten to document the Sword of Moonlight Extension Library.

The forecast for June is dry shirts and pestilence free. This reporter can’t wait to be sipping pink lemonade poolside. The briefs are in the mail if you know what I mean. We have the hippest viewership in the tri-state region… I think you do.

All and all it’s shaping up to be a Sword of Moonlight century.

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