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Exit: April, 2011 Archive

Sword of Moonlight Ex lives!!

Friday, April 8th, 2011 by Holy at

Exit: Ex for mummies™

¿Donde, está, la biblioteca? For the spiritually lazy hazily fumbling thru the underworld, do we have an incarnation of Ex for you! Operators are ambling by. Please take advantage of this once in a lifetime offer today…

This go around Ex is married to Sword of Moonlight’s KFMT. That means you can rest easier knowing Ex is never far from your corpse. Preparation could not be simpler; this is really as simple as it gets. Single household mummies, you know what that means.

Just follow these easy to follow directions at README/English.txt, step by step, and you’ll be a master around the chamber in no time.

You’re just about ready to retire. All that remains is to unearth the text of tool/SOM_EX.INI and decipher the hieroglyphics within. Once its riddle is solved you’ll be able to rest in peace once again.

Sorry folks undead, immortal, or other; we are fresh out of warranties. And worst of all, there’s no messy cleanup!

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