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Exit: March, 2011 Archive wiki madness

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011 by Holy at

Exit: Wiki baptism by blog

Say what!? A new (English) wiki is upon us? But there’s not even a website at! Not as of today anyway; right?? Yeah, well it seems no one thought to explain this impediment to

Lazily it sprouted forth. A spring chicken hydra head thing. It yawns; teeth shewn in morning dew. Let us pray; to the unpronounceable cyberspace leviathan from whence it is risen. Pray that it is the first of some great many such heads. Heads perched atop long scrolling necks. Necks adorned by great many bold lines. Lines of edits in eon shed skin.

Chaos be upon it. Ah-man (lehayim)

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